Treated Posts & Poles

We have been supplying treated posts and poles in Houston since 1993. We stock a giant inventory of treated fence posts as small as 3"x6' and treated poles as long as 50 feet.

Call us at 713-487-5931 to order long lasting treated lumber for your project.

Treated Fence Posts


Posts Sizes & Treatments

We stock treated posts in 3" through 10" diameters in lengths up to 12' so whether you need line posts, corner posts, or anchor posts we have the right size for your needs.

Posts are commonly treated to .40 CCA but other treatments are available upon request. Your posts can be treated to higher levels for wet areas or they can be kiln dried before treatment for additional absorption of the treatment into the wood.

Ask about the poly coating we can apply to your treated posts for ultra long lasting posts. By coating the groundline region of your posts, they are highly protected against decay caused by moisture and moisture-related fungus and microorganisms.


#1 Fence Posts - No Taper, Better Looking

For something a little nicer - maybe the front of the property or the fences around the house, you can select #1 treated fence posts.

#1 treated fence posts are straight posts with no taper so they make fences and gardens with cleaner lines. They look expensive but they're not.

Treated Poles in Houston

You've found the largest stock of treated poles in the Houston region. We maintain an inventory of treated poles ranging from post-sized poles up to 14" butt X 50' long.

Electric Poles & Barn Poles

The most common uses of treated poles are electric poles (electric boxes and power lines) and pole barn poles. Call us or contact us online for any size pole you need for electric poles or pole barns.

We deliver anywhere in Houston and the surrounding regions.


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