Marine Treated Wood

Freshwater & Saltwater Construction
We supply marine treated lumber, timbers, and hardware for projects in or near freshwater or saltwater throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Call us at 713-487-5931 to order long lasting marine treated wood for your project.

Dock & Pier Materials - Everything You Need

Get all the treated wood and hardware you need to build a long lasting dock or pier on freshwater or saltwater. We supply everything you need for docks and piers such as:

  • Treated Pilings
  • Decking
  • Stringers & Joists
  • Galvanized and Stainless Hardware

Whether you are building your dock or pier yourself or having it built, make sure the materials come from us to get the best quality and best prices.

For an extra long lasting dock, your pilings and other wood components should be coated with our special polymer wood coating.


Wood & Vinyl Bulkhead Materials


Wood Bullkhead Materials

We stock everything you need for wood bulkheads on land, freshwater, or saltwater. Most treated wood bulkhead materials lists include:

  • Treated Pilings (round or square)
  • Treated Wales & Backboard
  • Treated "Centermatch" (Tongue & Groove Boards)
  • Nails (Spikes), Screws, Fasteners
  • Tie Back Rods
  • Treated "Deadmen" or Soil Anchors
  • Treated Top Cap

We have been supplying treated bulkhead materials since 1993. Our knowledgeable salespeople can even help make sure you get the right materials and the proper quantities.


Vinyl Bulkhead Materials

We have the best prices you will find for vinyl bulkhead materials. Because of our relationships with multiple vinyl bulkhead suppliers and the way we buy vinyl bulkhead materials, we are able to offer lower prices than you will find anywhere else.

Your vinyl bulkhead materials list should include:

  • Vinyl Sheet Pilings
  • Treated Wales & Backboards
  • Tie Back Rods
  • Nails (Spikes), Screws, Hardware
  • Treated Deadmen or Soil Anchors
  • Treated Top Caps
  • Treated Pilings (for "marine" walls)

Your vinyl bulkhead materials can be delivered as a ready-to-build package with everything you need to begin construction upon arrival. Our experienced project consultants can help you design your bulkhead and make sure you get the right materials and right quantities.

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