Long Lasting Lumber for Decks, Fences, Piers,
Docks, Beach Houses, Barns, and More!

Get long-lasting quality treated lumber your residential, farm & ranch, commercial, and marine and shoreline projects. We supply lumber and materials you can't find anywhere else even have great, competitive prices.

Big, small, ultra-long, round, and even custom cut lumber. We stock lumber, timbers, and roundstock in sizes normal lumber yards just don't have. Our unique inventory includes:

  • Utility Poles and Barn Poles
  • Marine Treated Pilings
  • Marine Treated Timbers
  • #1 Treated Fence Posts
  • Bulkhead Materials
  • Custom Corbels & Raftertails
  • Multiple Treatment Options - CCA,
  • ACQ, MCQ, Creosote, More
  • Polymer Coated Wood

We specialize in treated wood and supply nearly any treated wood product you want.

Your materials can be delivered Monday through Friday and Saturdays due to availability. We use flatbed trucks with tilt capability and a portable forklift is available upon request for an additional fee.

Call us at 713-487-5931 to order long lasting treated lumber for your project...

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Residential Materials

We stock treated fence materials and hardware for Radius Edge Decking, GeoDeck Composite Decking, and long lasting residential privacy fences.

Commercial Wood Materials

All timbers are available untreated or treated based on the requirements of your project. Ask about the poly coating for wood used in or near water.

Farm & Rench Materials

#1 treated fence posts are straight posts with no taper so they make fences and gardens with cleaner lines. They look expensive but they're not.

Marine Shoreline Materials

We stock everything you need for wood bulkheads on land, freshwater, or saltwater. Most treated wood bulkhead materials


“I wanted to thank you for the exceptional help in explaining the difference between southern pine and western white pine. I called about a dozen places both local and nationwide and no one even came within a mile from the extraordinary assistance/service you provided.”

- Adrian Garcia

Kinder & Morgan
“My office has received commendable service from your company in the area of consultation and specification of wood products.”
- Kamran Mouzzon Architects

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